Welcome to Homerun-do!

Homerun-do is a design studio where we produce cool graphics, illustration and websites. A number of graphics have been produced in Osaka; our hometown, our base. Right now, we have Hideo Takahashi as our shopkeeper, a young employee (currently working at the Korea branch office), the world's greatest staff members, super-copywriters, ultra-programmers, planners, awesome editors and photographers, excellent errand boys and girls, part-time super slaves and many more! We will arrange our members depending on the content and get down to work, putting all our powers together. So far, we have launched numerous masterpieces outer space, and have received compliments and praises unable to be expressed in words from everyone!! Please call, e-mail or fax us for any enquiries about our work and commissions, or flag a message, send a rocket, or a carrier pigeon or any other way you'd like! Anyway, we are waiting for juicy offers… no, we should say …

HURRY UP! We aim the Homerun king of design!
homerun-do / hideo takahashi